Auto Start Plugin


What It Does..

The Auto Start Plugin has one function - to start SDR# playing when  you load the application. 

This plugin was a custom plugin for the users on the Facebook Group "RTL-SDR"

This might come in handy for people using SDR# as part of their mobile rigs and want to have SDR# playing automatically when their rig is started up.

How To Use It

Usage is easy. Once installed it is already set to start SDR# playing at startup. To disable the feature simply un-check the option "Enable Auto Play at Startup" and the plugin is disabled.

How To Install The Plugin


- Download the plugin Zip file

- Place the extracted DLL file into your SDR# directory.

- Open the text file named "MagicLine" in the extracted zip

- Copy the text found in that file

- Open the Plugins.XML file and paste the copied text into the file.

- Save XML file

- Open SDR# and the plugin should now be visible in the app.

Download plugin