Contour Shuttle Control Plugin


Control SDR# with Your Contour Shuttle Device...

This plugin allows native support of the Contour Shuttle Pro V2 directly from the SDR# app itself.

Features dynamic mapping of all the buttons and knobs on the Contour Shuttle device.  

Allows full control over settings such as:

-  VFO frequency

- Filter Bandwidth

- Volume level

- FFT Zoom Level

- Start / Stop the radio

- Toggle Snap To Grid

- Toggle Detector Type

- Toggle Mute

- Change Frequency and Filter Bandwidth Step

- And many more..

All mapping are dynamic and work instantaneously.

Shuttle information provided in a summary window informing of what button or knob was pressed as well as the mapped function to SDR# and sometimes the value associated with the setting.

How To Install The Plugin


- Download the plugin Zip file

- Place the extracted DLL file into your SDR# directory.

- Open the text file named "MagicLine" in the extracted zip

- Copy the text found in that file

- Open the Plugins.XML file and paste the copied text into the file.

- Save XML file

- Open SDR# and the plugin should now be visible in the app.

Trouble Shooting...

This plugin requires the following conditions to work properly:

- You must have a Contour Shuttle Pro V2 plugged in to your computer

- The proper Contour Shuttle must be installed and working correctly on your computer.

- The Contour Shuttle Pro V2 must be the PRIMARY device in your configuration

- The Contour driver may not re-initialize after your computer hibernates or goes to sleep. This is a driver problem and not a problem of this plugin.  If this occurs simply disable the plugin and then re-enable it again.  If this does not work, simply restart SDR# and everything should be fine.

Future Releases...

Future version of the plugin will provide support for 2 shuttle devices at the same time as well as also supporting the Shuttle Pro V1 and the Shuttle Express.

Download this plugin