FFT Grabber Plugin


What It Does

Allows quick and easy screen shot with the press of a button

- Capture the entire app window

- Capture the FFT window (Spectrum Analyzer and Waterfall)


  - Added the ability to float the control window so you can place it anywhere you want on the screen.

  - Added the ability to choose your own directory for the screenshots

How To Use It

Press either the App Window button or the FFT window button and the respective screen shot is captured.

Press the Open button and the directory with your screen shots opens up

How To Install The Plugin

 - Download the plugin Zip file

- Place the extracted DLL file into your SDR# directory.

- Open the text file named "MagicLine" in the extracted zip

- Copy the text found in that file

- Open the Plugins.XML file and paste the copied text into the file.

- Save XML file

- Open SDR# and the plugin should now be visible in the app.

Download Plugin