Night Mode Plugin


What It Does

*UPDATED to Version 2.1.1655.0 for compatibility with TETRA Decoder Plugins

Dark Mode Plugin was designed to change the overall color scheme from the default Gray color to either black (dark screen) or white making it better for night or day viewing or for reducing power consumption on OLED or LED displays

- Gray (Default), black or white Color Scheme

- Remove the 10 px padding along the inside edge of the app to give you more room for viewing

- Place the main radio control toolbar on the top or bottom of the app

How To Use It

Select your color scheme choice from the drop down box and the color scheme will be automatically applied

Select remove padding to remove the padding from the app edges

Select the bottom toolbar option to place the main Radio toolbar on the bottom, deselect the option it to place it back at the top 

How To Install The Plugin


- Download the plugin Zip file

- Place the extracted DLL file into your SDR# directory.

- Open the text file named "MagicLine" in the extracted zip

- Copy the text found in that file

- Open the Plugins.XML file and paste the copied text into the file.

- Save XML file

- Open SDR# and the plugin should now be visible in the app.

Download Plugin