Contour Shuttle Control Plugin

Control SDR# with your Contour Shuttle Pro V2


The Contour Shuttle Control Plugin allows you to have native control of the Shuttle Pro V2 directly from SDR#. Control the various settings of SDR# easily with dynamic user controlled mapping.

Shuttle Control Status


Real time updates of the control that was pressed / rotated on the Shuttle control and the associated mapped SDR# function.

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Spectrum Colorizer

Change the color of the spectrum analyzer background


A new plugin to allow you to change the background color of the spectrum analyzer background to any color you wish.

Choose your own color...


Show the detector type in the spectrum analyzer window


Show the current detector type in the top right of  the spectrum analyzer window.

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Add a toolbar to SDR#


This plugin adds a toolbar to the top of the SDR# interface by the radio controls.

The controls you use most


You can select from various tool sets. Space is limited, but we overcome this by creating several 'tool sets' that can be selected either from the plugin panel drop down or the drop down on the toolbar itself.

Easy to use


All the controls work, even if their respective plugin panel is closed. Thereby giving access to controls and allowing you to even close the SDR#'s plugins panel so no plugins are visible.

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Direct Frequency Entry


Perhaps you always wanted the ability to just simply type in the frequency you want and have SDR# tune to it?

Well, with this plugin you get that ability


More To Come...


I have all the tools working, however, at the moment I  am currently working on updating other plugins. Once complete, I will return to this plugin. I am still taking suggestions for other controls you might like to have in the toolbar as well.

Night Mode Plugin Preview

Night Mode - Black


A preview of Night Mode Plugin with the black option enabled 

Night Mode - White


A preview of Night Mode Plugin with the white option enabled

Night Mode - Default


A preview of Night Mode Plugin Showing the default grey color option enabled

Night Mode - Bottom Toolbar


A preview of the Night Mode plugin with the 'Bottom Toolbar' option enabled

Night Mode - Remove Padding


A preview with the Night Mode Plugin with the 'Remove Padding' option enabled. It simply removes the padding around the edges of the app giving you more screen room.

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FFT Screen Grabber

FFT Screen Grabber


The FFT Screen Capture plugin allows you to screen capture the entire app of just the FFT window (spectrum analyzer and waterfall windows)

FFT window screen grab


A sample image of the screen grab of the full FFT windows

Full window screen grab


A sample image of a full window screen grab

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Tuner Knob Plugin

Tuner Knob Plugin


The tuner knob plugin was designed to allow the ease of tuning frequency with the mouse, and for users who use touch screens and tablets. It allows you to quickly scroll through any frequency range in any custom step

Tuner Knob - Radio Remote


The plugin has 2 different 'remote' controls. the 'Radio Remote' gives you a simple radio that can be used to control the SDR radio through a simple radio interface

Tuner Knob - Simple Remote


The second 'remote' is a simple dial that can be placed anywhere on the screen to control the radio from the main SDR# app, even when it is minimized

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