Toolbar Plugin


What It Does

Allows quick and easy access to various SDR# settings in the plugin panels without constantly having to open and close panels

All via a small toolbar control in the main SDR# control bar. Right where it is handy.

Includes several tool palettes:

- Detector Controls - Easily change the detector type

- FFT Window Controls - Control the FFT from the toolbar

- Direct Frequency Entry - enter a frequency into the box and the frequency changes like magic.

- Frequency Stepper - Step the frequency up or down in any desired increment

- SNR Level Meter - Easily see the SNR level of the current frequency with an easy to read analog needle meter

- Squelch Controls - For detector type that support squelch, easily control the squelch with the provided slider

- Analog / Digital Mode Switch - For those of you who do digital and analog decoding, this tool is for you - simply switch between different settings modes and launch external analog or digital applications as well

- Screen Grabber Controls  - easily get screenshot of the FFT window of of the entire SDR# window itself. (Same as my FFT Grabber plugin)


How To Use It

Simply click the "Enable"  checkbox on the plugin, close the plugin panel and your all set. 

There is a drop down arrow on the toolbar itself which gives you a drop down menu when clicked. 

Simply click on an item and the toolbar palette will change whichever one you click. 

*Be sure to read the included instructions in the included PDF file located in the zip file of the plugin when you download it. 

How To Install The Plugin

 - Download the plugin Zip file

- Place the extracted DLL file into your SDR# directory.

- Open the text file named "MagicLine" in the extracted zip

- Copy the text found in that file

- Open the Plugins.XML file and paste the copied text into the file.

- Save XML file

- Open SDR# and the plugin should now be visible in the app.

Download Plugin